Understanding the Basics of Fashion


Having an understanding of the basics of fashion will help you to make an informed purchase when you go shopping for clothing. You will be able to tell whether the clothing is suitable for you, if it is too expensive, and if it will be worth the price. You will also be able to find out about the different types of clothing, including ready-to-wear, fast fashion, catalytic, vintage, and off-the-rack clothing.

Off-the-rack clothing

Unlike bespoke clothing, off the rack clothing is mass produced in the good old US of A. As a result, it is often affordable and often times fashionable. Buying a dress from the department store may be a better bet.

Off the rack clothing is also a great way to score a deal. Bespoke clothing is usually made to the customers specifications and needs. This includes a variety of men’s clothing. There are several menswear brands that produce off the rack clothing.

Ready-to-wear clothing

During the nineteenth century, ready-to-wear clothing was largely produced for men. But as manufacturing methods became more advanced, women started purchasing clothes. Today, ready-to-wear apparel is popular with both men and women. They are a great source for the latest fashion trends, and can help women look great and feel comfortable all season long.

Ready-to-wear garments are usually created using efficient construction methods, which help keep production costs low. The process allows for smaller production runs and a better fit.

Vintage clothing

Buying vintage clothing is not just about buying the most trendy piece of clothing. It’s also about giving items new life. By purchasing vintage clothing, you are helping to offset over production of commodities. It’s also a great way to support the environment.

The best part about vintage clothing is that it’s often less expensive than modern designer clothing. Vintage clothing is also often smaller in size than modern garments. This means that it’s a great way to experiment with different clothing styles.

Catalytic clothing

Using nanotechnology, Catalytic Clothing is an attempt to address air pollution by using the surface area of clothing to clean the air. It uses nanosized titanium dioxide particles to break down airborne pollutants. It is a cultural project, and one that has already been discussed at events around the world.

The concept is to take existing nanotechnology and apply it to clothing to purify the air. Using a special laundry additive, the fabric will purify the air after washing.

Fast fashion

During the late twentieth century, the term fast fashion came to describe clothing designs that were produced quickly from a catwalk to a retail store. Fast fashion aims to get the newest fashion trends onto the market as soon as possible.

Fast fashion has become a major problem for the environment. Not only does it contribute to climate change, it also puts huge pressure on people. The average American spends just over three and a half percent of their budget on clothing.

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