How Fashion Is Used


Fashion is the process of putting together clothing. The word itself implies quick assembly, and the assembly is based on whatever is available. This can vary from the construction of clothing to the ‘Mood’ it reflects. Let’s look at a few examples to better understand how fashion is used. Let’s begin with Style, Mood, and Trend.


Style is the way in which we express our ideas in language. It reflects an individual’s personality, period, school, or nation.


Mood in fashion is an important part of designing clothing and accessories. There are many ways to interpret a mood by using color. For example, a green hue can make a person feel calm. Blue and red hues can energize a person. Mood in fashion can also be created using black and white tones.


Fashion trends are changing the way we live and shop. For example, the millennial generation has begun asking where their clothes come from and who makes them. They want to know the history behind their clothing and have more confidence in the brands they support. Another popular trend is minimalism. It means buying fewer pieces that are more versatile, high-quality, and made to last.

Clothing construction

A recent study explored how clothing construction instruction in colleges and universities is changing. It included responses from secondary and middle school Family and Consumer Sciences teachers, college students majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Design, and industry professionals. The results reveal that clothing construction instruction is essential for both employers and employees in the fashion industry.

Style tribe

The style tribe is a group of people who love fashion, hip-hop and punk rock. The group includes ravers, goths, and hip-hop devotees.

Influence of media on fashion

The media has a huge impact on fashion. It helps spread ideas and creates public interest in the latest styles. It also influences personal style and reflects iconographic views. In today’s mobile society, the media has a profound effect on our sense of style.

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