5 Lessons Your Child Will Learn From a Team Sport

Team sport

Team sports are a great way to improve your child’s self-esteem and give them the opportunity to be praised for their efforts. Kids love to get a pat on the back, or a high-five when they are doing a good job, and they can gain confidence as they learn that their hard work is appreciated by their peers.

Respect for Authority

One of the biggest lessons kids can learn through team sports is to respect the authority of their coaches and captains. These individuals are often seasoned veterans of the sport who know how to play it well. They also understand that their leadership and guidance will help the younger members in the team elevate themselves, and that they should be grateful for this.

This is an important lesson that will carry over into your child’s adulthood and can be useful for navigating challenging situations with others, whether they are at home or in the workplace. It is very common in team sports for a captain or coach to be given a large amount of power and influence, and it can take a lot of courage for your child to rise up and challenge this authority.

Time Management

This skill is incredibly important to athletes who have to plan their workouts and make sure that they are ready for each game. It is critical for them to have the discipline to schedule their training and practice around their games, and they will learn that they cannot afford to miss any of these. They will learn that they must work as a team and follow their teammates’ lead to stay on track.

Working with a group of people who have different personalities and skills can be difficult, but it is essential for them to learn how to work together and be successful as a team. They will learn how to adapt and be flexible when things go wrong, but they will also learn how to celebrate successes with their teammates.


As they grow older, your child will need to be able to control their emotions and actions when they are under pressure. This is another skill that is mastered through team sports, and will serve them well when they are faced with stressful situations in their adulthood.

Communication Skills

In addition to the above skills, team sports also teach your child how to communicate with their teammates, as well as with the rest of the world outside of the sporting arena. They will learn how to listen to each other’s opinions, share their ideas and be able to speak up when they need to.

The best part is that all of these lessons will not only help your child in the sports field, but they will carry over into their future career as well. These skills will help them to succeed in the workplace, and they will become better, more well-rounded people inside and out.

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