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Home Company Profile

Petro Plastic is an ISO-9002 certified company dealing in the Peninsula State of Qatar. The residents industry is bring into being in the Industrial Park of Qatar. Our business industry has a Limited Liability Commercial Registration Number 17831 Qatar.

The Civil Engineering Department and Ministry of Electricity Doha, State of Qatar approved all the pipes and polyethylene sheets being contrived by Petro Plastic are all in best in high quality remarks.

Petro Plastic products line conforms to the British, German and American Standards. All products lines are being manufactured to the strictest controlled high quality standards to make certain that all products are not just passed your expectation but passed by the rigid standard of the experts.

Our Mission

To endow the most highly regarded products in the fast growing demand of piping and market industry today.

The Goal

To engineered new concepts of products in order to meet the rapid technological advancement and market demands nowadays. To build a brilliant image that no one come close with our technology and expertise in bringing this new ideas.

To fully satisfy all clientele with our product that Petro Plastic is the only one can meet their demands and standards.

To produce only the best of high quality and most advance new line of products in order to meet the high-end market industry today.